Villa Sylos

Villa Sylos is an innovative and creative example of the development of the ludic culture and the enhancement of the territory under the name of The Citadel of the Child.

“The Citadel of the Child” combines innovation and research in the educational, artistic and cultural fields, without losing sight of tradition. The structure is therefore proposed to combine the enhancement of the historical and artistic heritage of the territory to the different expressions of contemporary culture by becoming a research laboratory, a space where generations meet, a land for creativity and a place for training.
The aim is promoting the wellness of local communities through the shared valorisation of cultural identity, experienced as a fundamental element of every social and economic activity.

The activities are aimed at promoting culture, art and civil life through workshops, exhibitions, events, training, solidarity projects, important meetings with authors and illustrators of books for children and teenagers.

The structure contains both classrooms dedicated to educational activities, and a space reserved for theme restaurants. In this sense, the center becomes an ideal place for families with children, because it is able to entertain adults by ensuring, even in the evening, an animation service and baby sitter for minors.


Via Giudici Falcone e Borsellino e relative scorte, snc

70032 Bitonto (BA)