Urban Park in via Togliatti

With this park, dedicated to Anna Rosa Tarantino, victim of the criminal violence on the 30th of December 2017, we pursue the intent to optimize and reconcile the open coexistence of citizenship with the canine breed, by allowing both to enjoy the public green zones with more freedom.

The area, about 450 square meters, is equipped with benches, baskets for the collection of dogs’ dejections, trash for waste, a tap with a bowl and  a bulletin board at the entrance with the regulation for the correct use of the structure and it is aimed at walking with dogs.

The park will be equipped with four-legged toys and water fountains so that the animals can have fun.

Part of this park will be used as an area used for unleashing free for dogs, perhaps divided into two areas one for large sizes and one for small sizes and puppies.

The main services are:

dog agility area;
unleashing area
areas of guided socialization for adult dogs;
areas of guided socialization for puppies;
path for walking on a leash;
drinker and dispenser for doggy bags for animal dejections.

The park is managed by volunteers from the Animal Protection Operations Center – Bitonto with experience, as well as by personnel for cleaning, maintenance and logistics.

The project stems from the need for an increasingly large canine community and aims to provide animals and owners with suitable spaces to play and socialize in safety.


Via Palmiro Togliatti

70032 Bitonto (BA)