Test on the road

Main purpose of the program “The common path: TEST ON THE ROAD” – Participation in the Active Volunteer Organizations Network, is developing and implementing the values and the culture of volunteering, operatively involved in processes of active and community participation in the management of common goods and urban regeneration for the recovery and re-functionalization of the city suburbs.



The “Handicrafts Project” concerns the involvement of inactive women from European countries such as Italy, Lithuania, Turkey and Portugal in basic training in English, computer science and business creation, supported by mobility in the involved countries , in order to learn some techniques for creating souvenirs and gift items with the main purpose of promoting female entrepreneurship.


Food for Inclusion

“Food for Inclusion” is a strategic Erasmus + project for the exchange of good practices. It is a 2-year project between organizations, Portugal, Spain, Greece and Hungary.



FEMME Project

“FEMME Project” is a European Union project about the opportunities that can be created for the activation of entrepreneurial paths for mothers in our territory, supporting them when the work/life balance becomes a challenge.