Ops S.c.s.

The Cooperative was born from the experience of professionals in psychology, social, educational and health fields and from the sharing of a genuine passion in these sectors. It has been engaged since 2014 in initiatives and services oriented in a systemic approach to the integral education of the child and his family , to promote the well-being of the child, of its nucleus and of the community he belongs.

La Rosa Blu S.c.s.

Established in 2004, the Cooperative Company offers separate collection of waste and global service, associated with security services, maintenance and fitting out. Alongside these services, its main activities are aimed at the employment of disadvantaged people.<\p>


The Polymnia Cooperative Society pursues the general interest of the community in terms of human promotion and social integration of citizens through the carrying out of various activities, including in particular the management of company and school canteens.


Luxes S.c.s.

The Cooperative aims to pursue the general interest of the community in the human promotion and social integration of citizens through the development of different activities, even integrated among them, aimed at the employment of disadvantaged people and it provides, directly or with third parties, goods and services other than socio-health and educational ones.


Sinergia S.c.s.

Founded in 2009, it offers various training, information, guidance and consultancy services about facilitated finance, self employment, business organization and management, access to public funding, business start-ups, international cooperation for social planning.

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Ulixes S.c.s.

Established in 2004, it deals with the development of new methods of intervention in the field of environmental education and sustainable tourism, mainly on actions for and with young people; manages the Urban Workshops "Officine Culturali" in Bitonto, a container and a cultural space to give voice and space to youthful creativity.

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Tasha S.c.s.

Established in 1999, it deals with the integration and social re-inclusion of disadvantaged people. It manages the management and prevention services of the stray phenomenon in Bitonto and in Modugno, also through the management of kennel facilities, pet shop services, grooming, taxi dog and veterinary clinic.

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Oltre il muro S.c.s.

Established in 2001, the cooperative works with public and private bodies by offering cleaning services, maintenance of green areas, gardening, custody and surveillance, and by providing pre-packaged food and drinks, and professional training for disadvantaged users.


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