Music House

The Music Room or House of Music is a multifunctional container aimed at:

promoting musical education practiced as a need/educational right of all;

enhancing the musical, choral and instrumental practice;

make visible the work of musicians, bands and cultural associations;

activating training and research paths;

fostering continuous reflection on musical practice;

operating in synergy with the institutional subjects of the territory.

The rehearsal room is the room where the musicians have the opportunity to create and to improve their performances and their feeling with the playing companions, in three words: by living the music.

You should not underestimate its design because in many ways it can also be considered a musical instrument, a great tool that decides many things about what you play; moreover it is important that it is organized to help the musicians to be creative and to feel themselves ‘in the mood’, in the right spirit.


Via Generale Francesco Planelli (0,94 km)
70032 Bitonto