FEMME Project


“Mumpreneurship” is a concept that incorporates motherhood and entrepreneurship and its meaning involves women who, after becoming mothers, decide to create their own business. In Europe, the movement is mostly formed by informal groups of women who feel the need to join the community with peers to exchange ideas, share knowledge and expand their business.

In the FEMME project, the priority is to involve adults incubators / trainers / educators on entrepreneurship in order to improve their skills for entrepreneurship for mothers and to offer a better service suitable for mothers entrepreneurs, leading them to create jobs in a start-up environment.

The general objectives of the project are:
– giving power to adult educators / educators in the field of entrepreneurship;
– Strengthening the entrepreneurial mothers;
– Knowing the state of the art of militarism in partner countries;
– Exchanging best practices on entrepreneurship initiatives;
– Laying the foundations for a European network of female entrepreneurs;
– Ensuring economic / social gender equality.