Villa Sylos

Villa Sylos is an innovative and creative example of the development of the ludic culture and the enhancement of the territory under the name of The Citadel of the Child.

“The Citadel of the Child” combines innovation and research in the educational, artistic and cultural fields, without losing sight of tradition. The structure is therefore proposed to combine the enhancement of the historical and artistic heritage of the territory to the different expressions of contemporary culture by becoming a research laboratory, a space where generations meet, a land for creativity and a place for training.
The aim is promoting the wellness of local communities through the shared valorisation of cultural identity, experienced as a fundamental element of every social and economic activity.


Cloister of  San Domenico

From June 2015 Consortium Social Lab manages, as a concession of the Municipality of Bitonto, the Cloister of San Domenico, located in the historical center of the city. In this suggestive location restored with its ancient charm, a take away activity of local dishes and products with the Coenobium brand is carried out.



Music House

The rehearsal room is the room where the musicians have the opportunity to create and to improve their performances and their feeling with the playing companions, in three words: by living the music.

You should not underestimate its design because in many ways it can also be considered a musical instrument, a great tool that decides many things about what you play; moreover it is important that it is organized to help the musicians to be creative and to feel themselves ‘in the mood’, in the right spirit.


Urban Park in via Togliatti

With this park, dedicated to Anna Rosa Tarantino, victim of the criminal violence on the 30th of December 2017, we pursue the intent to optimize and reconcile the open coexistence of citizenship with the canine breed, by allowing both to enjoy the public green zones with more freedom.

The area, about 450 square meters, is equipped with benches, baskets for the collection of dogs’ dejections, trash for waste, a tap with a bowl and  a bulletin board at the entrance with the regulation for the correct use of the structure and it is aimed at walking with dogs.

The park will be equipped with four-legged toys and water fountains so that the animals can have fun.



Soccer Field

The structure aims at being space available to sports associations and individuals for the carrying out of sports activities.

The goal of the camp is to make 5-a-side football a cult in the area, as well as a moment of social gathering.

The Soccer Field is managed by staff with experience in sports and recreation as well as service personnel for cleaning, maintenance and logistics.