Food for Inclusion

“Food for Inclusion” is a strategic Erasmus + project for the exchange of good practices. It is a 2-year project among Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece and Hungary. The project consists Read more »


The Handicrafts Project concerns the involvement of inactive women from European countries such as Italy, Lithuania, Turkey and Portugal in basic training in English, computer science and business creation, supported Read more »

Test on the Road

The main purpose of the program “The common path: TEST on the ROAD” – Participation in the Active Volunteer Organizations Network, is developing and implementing the values and culture of Read more »


Music House

The Music Room or House of Music is a multifunctional container aimed at: promoting musical education practiced as a need/educational right of all; enhancing the musical, choral and instrumental practice; Read more »

Cloister of San Domenico

From June 2015 Consortium Social Lab manages, as a concession of the Municipality of Bitonto, the Cloister of San Domenico, located in the historical center of the city. In this Read more »

Villa Sylos

Villa Sylos is an innovative and creative example of the development of the ludic culture and the enhancement of the territory under the name of The Citadel of the Child. Read more »

Consortium Social Lab

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